Cocoro College is for learning to live the life of your own

If you are living the life not true to yourself, the stress builds up and eventually it may manifest adversely on your health or lead to premature aging. It is important to keep both our mind and body at their optimum health. In Cocoro College, we will look at the mechanisms and causes of stresses from different angles, so that people can learn to recognise their true self, and their lives will become more fulfilled.





London Practitioner Course Event

In order to learn the depth of human psyche and become a professional therapist, it is most important first to learn and understand your own self.

Within the curriculum of Cocoro College, there are programs for students to learn about their own psyche, tendencies, thought patterns and beliefs.

By following the Cocoro College curriculum, students are able to learn and heal themselves at the same time.

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SP® MOMOYO Works in London


Since I met Momoyo in a mysterious circumstance, my life’s clock has turned backwards. It is a very peculiar feeling, but I have been revisiting my past wounds and difficult experiences, accepting them for what they were and healing them. I have been rediscovering my confidence and self-worth at the same time.

Before I met Momoyo, I was always anxious, I didn’t have any sense of self-worth and I felt so lonely. Now I am enjoying every moment. I am being liberated from what I thought I was, from the person that I have created based on my beliefs. I would love others to discover this wonderful journey of rediscovering one’s true self, and that is why I have decided to enrol in the Cocoro College.

I would like to thank Momoyo and my predecessors who has already practicing this wonderful gift.

Midori Hiraiwa


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