Why Cocoro College?

Cocoro College is for learning to live the life of your own

If you are living the life not true to yourself, the stress builds up and eventually it may manifest adversely on your health or lead to premature aging. It is important to keep both our mind and body at their optimum health. In Cocoro College, we will look at the mechanisms and causes of stresses from different angles, so that people can learn to recognise their true self, and their lives will become more fulfilled.

It is important to use the professional skills in real life. We dont want the qualification to go to waste!

After being qualified as a practitioner, many people end up not using the skills they have learnt due to lack of confidence, or not knowing where to start. Many end up collecting qualifications but not putting any of them to practice. It is often due to lack of experience and underconfidence.

At Cocoro College, we will simulate consultations numerous times so that students can experience and learn how to run sessions with their clients in real life. We also give appropriate advises and guidance, run a supervision system, so that once qualified, the practitioner is confident enough to apply his/her skills immediately into practice.


You can learn and heal yourself at the same time

In order to learn the depth of human psyche and become a professional therapist, it is most important first to learn and understand your own self. Within the curriculum of Cocoro College, there are programs for students to learn about their own psyche, tendencies, thought patterns and beliefs. By following the Cocoro College curriculum, students are able to learn and heal themselves at the same time.

You can learn about spirituality

Teaching spirituality is an unique feature of Cocoro College. Many people are curious and interested in spirituality, but at the same time they think spirituality is something unreal and suspicious, and feels a distance from it.

Cocoro College regards spirituality as a knowledge that is necessary for a practitioner in order to guide the clients to heal themselves. Spirituality is not something unreal and mysterious. The college takes it as an academic subject and teaches about the soul and the Satori (Awakening/Enlightenment) as part of curriculum.

The psychology we teach is something that you can apply to the daily life immediately

We don’t teach statistics and history. We talk and discuss about what are closer to us – day to day troubles, worries, concerns, and fears that most people experience. Through the discussion, students will learn about themselves, and learn the mechanics of human psyche.

The lecturers at Cocoro College are all qualified teachers with abundant experiences.

Our lecturers have abundant experiences not only as therapists, but also in life as well. They all have gone through their rough patches of life and because of this, they understand life’s difficulties that others go through. Their teachings come from their experience and that makes the lectures convincing.

There is also a support system after graduation

You may not feel ready to practice right after you have finished the course. Don’t worry, we have support system in place so that each person can prepare him/herself to feel ready and fully fledged in their own time. You can also re-take the lectures, and we also run annual training seminars.

After being qualified, you can run your own practice at home

You can make your home as your practice base after qualification. For a full-time worker or a full-time mum who are thinking about practicing part-time, it is a great advantage because you don’t have to commute and you can choose the time when to see your clients.

You can set your own time-frame for on-going skill development

There are four levels of practitioners: Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, Apprentice and Lecturer. You can choose to step up to the next level when you feel you are ready. As you advance, the scope for your practice widens. This includes the chance to become one of our lecturers for Cocoro college.